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You can either download the zip file from this site or use one of the links from the Nexus mods website website report

The minimun system requirement is Windows Vista.

Any other software that changes the game's shaders or modifies the game's graphics pipeline will most probably interfere with this mod.


The latest version is 4.6.0 (2019/08/30)


Download the msi installer and follow the instructions.

Fpsc Engine 4.6.0

Changelog for 4.6.0 (2019/08/30)

The interface could block input and become irresponsive on some games, this has been corrected.

The buttons to load and save configuration files ingame didn't work, now they do.

The proxy libraries could interfere with some game editors like the creation kit, fixed.

SRBAO integration on Skyrim Special Edition has been given some love, now it looks better, loves me back.

Changed the splash window to show some more info.

Changelog for 4.5.0 (2019/07/03)

Removed the integrated browser, this means the mod doesn't show any ads or connects to the internet.