The minimun system requirement is Windows 7.

Any other software that changes the game's shaders or modifies the game's graphics pipeline without restoring it, will most probably interfere with this mod.

The latest version is 4.7.1 (2019/09/27)


Download the msi installer and follow the instructions.

Fpsc Engine 4.7.1
MD5: b300d93b3b5f88cc6254644a3bd02d0f
SHA-1: 96fcde4c469a0bfb294247a6883214ccaff72a65

Changelog for 4.7.1 (2019/09/27)

The ingame interface mouse cursor would act in a really odd way on some 32 bit games, fixed.

Some effect options on Oblivion would still be operating even though they were not enabled, this was fixed, thank you Богдан Гошко.

A bug on the Depth of Field effect that only became apparent when used without color correction was detected, I was scared at first but then I looked for it and squished the little guy.

Some people still installs things inside "Program files" and then wonder why do they need permission to change stuff inside, or why the mod cannot be installed, because of this, now the configuration utility will ask for the elevation of user rights whenever they are needed.

The Depth of Field limits have been doubled on Skyrim 32/64, this is because of DynDOLOD, if you are not using it, then you are playing Skyrim wrong, with DynDOLOD it looks so beautiful there is no need to blur away any uglyness on the distance.

Changelog for 4.7.0 (2019/09/22)

Added a new feature: HDR Distance. Makes HDR Tonemap a localized effect around the camera, this preserves dark scenes while at the same time allowing for some eye adaptation.

The options to show the occlusion solution, normals and depth buffer are back.

The ambient occlusion slider now goes all the way to 600, the value is a direct percentage of the native output of srbao, it wasn't before. You might have to readjust it to achieve the previous version look.

Integration on Skyrim Special Edition has been given some more love, now the game is fully supported.

The installation package would not run, this has been fixed, thank you James Yarwood.

Changelog for 4.6.0 (2019/08/30)

The interface could block input and become irresponsive on some games, this has been corrected.

The buttons to load and save configuration files ingame didn't work, now they do.

The proxy libraries could interfere with some game editors like the creation kit, fixed.

SRBAO integration on Skyrim Special Edition has been given some love, now it looks better, loves me back.

Changed the splash window to show some more info.

Changelog for 4.5.0 (2019/07/03)

Removed the integrated browser, this means the mod doesn't show any ads or connects to the internet.