Version 4.5 has been released, without integrated web browser

Posted by Pharago on 2019/07/03 11:11 Tags: fpsc

I have decided to release version 4.5 without the integrated browser, that means that from now on, it will no longer show ads or have in-game online help.

Although the beta for version 4.x has been floating around for a while, there was no other 'official' way to get it without asking me directly for support, and getting a copy of beta in return.

There have been so many changes from the previous version, that I'm not sure it is even the same software anymore.

Let's see, game settings can be loaded and saved in-game, and can be shared with other players or games.

Some settings can be edited using spline curves, that was fun to code xDDD

Color correction uses a trilinearly interpolated 16 bit per channel 3D Lut, yeah, I didn't know what the hell that was until I started researching about a better and faster way to make color correction.

Hdr tonemapping, looks awesome, uses a spline to control how to apply it to the screen, even shows current luma, very nice.

The depth of field shader is completely different and it does not bleed, is a multipass shader now, but it's masked so is really fast, and it uses a pixel growth system to cheat the blur filter.

There are many things I'm leaving behind, you can use the help pages for version 4.x to review what else the mod has to offer, and although they are not up to date with version 4.5, it's a good place to start.

Last but not least, I have removed the integrated web browser, the mod no longer shows ads or is able to load in-game online help.

The installer will create a program folder called 'Fpsc Engine' on the start menu.

From there you can access the Fpsc Configuration utility.

The engine is installed on games using this program, I wrote a previous post about it a while back, so if you need more information about how it works, you can go there and read it.