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Posted by Pharago on 2018/03/18 21:55 Tags: fpsc

The Fpsc Engine Configuration Utility is ready, and it will be included with the new installation package, along with all the libraries that are needed to make the engine work with most directx games.

The program is meant to facilitate the installation of the engine on all supported games, it contains the logic to recognize and remove old and new versions and install the latest in its place using the correct proxy library for each game.

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Posted by Pharago on 2016/07/28 14:00 Tags: fpsc

This software is the result of a series of evolutions dating back to 2009 when I first released the EWMH (Eve Windowed Mode Helper) for EVE Online and it still shares some of the concepts that were implemented in there. For example the windowed mode relocation option in the main tab is a modified version of...(Read more)