Posted by Pharago on 2019/07/03 11:11 Tags: fpsc

I have decided to release version 4.5 without the integrated browser, that means that from now on, it will no longer show ads or have in-game online help.

Although the beta for version 4.x has been floating around for a while, there was no other 'official' way to get it without asking me directly for support, and getting a copy of beta in return.

There have been so many changes from the previous version, that I'm not sure it is even the same software anymore...(Read more)

Posted by Pharago on 2019/03/04 16:11 Tags: eve

EVE Online Docked Golem Screenshot

So, some of you might be wondering where the heck am I.

Well it's a mix of work overload, assorted life issues and, oh no, EVE Online.

Yep, I did it again, I'm back on the grinder, that's like 12 years already.

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Posted by Pharago on 2018/04/30 10:43 Tags: witcher, witcher1, directx9

The people at GOG, has a juicy offer for you.

A free Gwent card keg with 5 cards and a free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

You must have GWENT: The Witcher Card Game in your game library to be eligible for this offer, which, by the way, is also a free download.

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