FPSC Help - Color

The color tab is where the Color Correction shader can be adjusted.

The saturation-lift-gamma-gain group of values are percent based and have a limited range of operation.

Check buttons control de effect activation, sliders control its value.

Saturation controls the color saturation of the scene.

Lift adds or removes a rgb value to pixels, works on lower color tones.

Gamma works mainly on mid color tones, and makes a curve and moves pixel rgb values along it.

Gain multiplies a value with the rgb value of pixels, works on higher color tones, it is the actual combination of lift gamma gain what in the end will allow you a more precise control of the final color output.

Tint color enables/disables color tinting, and the RGB up-down controls determine the color of the tint, this effect can have a very noticiable impact on game look and feel.

Tint weight controls the streght of the color tinting effect, when this is disabled the software will use a default value of 20%.

Reset button will restore all checks, sliders and values to the position they had when the settings window was last opened, this button can come in handy because of the subjective nature of color correction and the need to personally experiment with it, what’s more, different color space representation in screen hardware and the actual room illumination will change how the final color output is perceived by each user.